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— My cup, please.

We are an association of people who are not indifferent to the problem of overconsumption and overuse of disposable things, the production of which wastes natural resources, and because of which landfills grow.

We want to reduce the number of disposables around by drawing the attention of business and society to this problem. We are for reusable alternatives — whether it's a drink at the cafe table from a ceramic cup or takeaway in your mug.

That's why we say, "My cup, please."

Movement to promote the reusable cups

The My Cup Please movement was born in Belarus, then spread to Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Cyprus and now we have  launched a project in Georgia. Coffee shops, retails, sports clubs, universities, gas stations and other organizations where you can buy drinks and food to go are joining the movement in all countries. And we think this is not the limit!

There are no corporations behind us, we are a completely non-profit movement. Everything we do is of good will, in our free time and with sincere initiative. If you want more establishments to join our movement, and if the idea of reusable alternatives captures the minds and hearts of citizens, you can support us and our work here. Your support will be a good help for printing materials, supporting the site, participating in events!

Why is it important?

Most disposable "paper" cups are covered in plastic. Separately, plastic and paper are popular recyclable materials, however, in order to be easily recycled, they must be separated from each other. In practice, this is extremely difficult to do. There are no such technologies in Georgia now. But a huge stream of such cups is still guaranteed to litter the environment. It is necessary to reduce this stream at its very beginning!

For the owners

If you have a cool place where visitors are happy to pour a drink to go in a reusable mug, then this information is for you. This approach will provide your business with additional satisfied customers and save the environment from thousands of disposable cups.
Write to us and we will put your place on the map, and then we will also provide you with a cool sticker that can be placed on the entrance group.

Where in Georgia will pour into your cup?

Brown cup — you are guaranteed to have a drink poured into your cup, green cup — pour into your cup and take a discount. If you know a suitable place for this project and it is not yet on the map, please write to us.

In other countries

The movement  My Cup Please is becoming more and more popular, new places, cities and countries appear on the map. Below you can find the experience of our colleagues:

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In Georgia, the project is implemented by the non-profit community 🍊Ecojara, which is involved in various environmental projects.

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Illustrations: Goran Ivos, Jon Tyson, Mihal Parzuchowski, Annie Sprat via Unsplash and also ITRE.